Calindrical Studies


I have a few odds and ends of interest on the technical and historic aspects of calendars and time, as well as a healthy set of links.  

My interests in time lie in the interrelationships of the many systems of time now in use (nearly all completely hidden from our everyday lives), and in the relationships of our own biological systems to our older, more natural systems and senses of time.

My interests in calendars lie in those of Europe and America, from their ancient roots to their future possibilities.  I enjoy this longer view of time; how we've captured the many intricate interrelationships of astronomical cycles, albeit a bit corrupted and distant, now, from their original roots.

In both our short-term measures of time (time of day) and long-term measures of time (the calendar), I'm seeking to connect with the natural cycles to which our bodies are subject, despite our miraculous scientific & mechanical regulation and measurements.

Original Documents

My first original document is a new English translation of the Inter Gravissimas, Pope Gregory XIII's bull establishing the Gregorian Calendar in 1582.

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