Ancestors of the Foulke Spencers

These are the ancestors of the brothers William Foulke Spencer VI and John Arthur Spencer.  They are descended from some long and well-researched lines (118 generations, total).  Early progenitors include:

William Foulke Spencer (retroactively numbered I) (1833-1920), a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and manufacturer.  He left the family's home in Philadelphia, moving to first Cincinnati, then Richmond, and then Muncie, Indiana.  He founded the Richmond School Furniture Works, manufacuted the Wooten-designed desks (one is in the Smithsonian), and founded the American Lawnmower Company, still operating in Muncie.

Samuel Spencer, an English sea captain or trader, who retired to Mooreland, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1702.  Samuel had lived in Barbados, to which his father, John Spencer, a London tailor, had emigrated.

Johann Krauter, from Lautenbach, Oberamt Weiblingen, Wurtemberg, Germany, who moved his family to Bucyrus, Ohio in 1852.  We have Krauter cousins in Ohio, California, and elsewhere.

Edward and Eleanor Foulke, Welsh immigrants to Penllyn, near Philadelphia, in 1698.  The Foulkes have a rich family history, The Foulke family also has an international association, with a family web site, and which had over 800 cousins gather at the 300th reunion in 1998.

Edward Foulke is descended from several traced lines.  These include Rhirid Flaidd ("Red Wolf"), a Welsh warrior and king and the British monarchy (Edward I and his progenitors).  Edward's Welsh ancestors are also traced back to St. James the Just, brother of Jesus Christ.  Of course, St. James' lineage is traced back to David, Abraham, Noah, and Adam.  (That's how we know we're generation 118!)

Peter Bokina, Stefania Hammersmith, John Marek, and Victoria Kulach, all of whom immigrated to Chicago from Poland in the years just before World War I.

Some of our famous cousins, cousins-in-law, and so on include the British and other European monarchs (Princess Diana was a 23rd cousin), Daniel Boone (his uncle married into our family), and Abraham Lincoln.

Our database currently includes only 779 of the many known ancestors and cousins.  We have a lot more data to enter, so there's more to come later.

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There a lot of ways to look at and consider this data.  Our genealogy program supports nearly instant creations of ancestor and descendent web sites, so we've organized it that way.  Here are a few trees of family group sheets.  Each has the tree of sheets, a Surname List, an Index of Names, a Bibliography of Sources, and a downloadable GEDCOM file.

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